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Clam Shells, 1860s. Creator: Yabu Chosui.
Shamisen and Box, 1860s. Creator: Yabu Chosui.
New Year's Sake, c. 1810/20 (Meiji Facsimilie). Creator: Gakutei.
Bowl, scissors, and morning glories, c. 1820. Creator: Gakutei.
Bookcase with Writing Utensils, Books, and Potted Adonis, c. 1820s/30s. Creator: Gakutei.
Picture Books and Coin Purse, 1824. Creator: Utagawa Kunimitsu.
Yellowtail, blowfish, and plum branch, c. 1840/42. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Camellia and basket, section of an untitled harimaze sheet, c. 1850s. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Teapot and cups, section of a sheet from a series of untitled harimaze prints, c. 1850s. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Pocket watch, c. 1823. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Collection of seals in lacquer trays, c. 1820. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
The Theater Outing, mid-1820s. Creator: Totoya Hokkei.
Still-Life with Monkey Mask, 1824. Creator: Totoya Hokkei.
Purse and mallet, n.d. Creator: Totoya Hokkei.
Bridge post and crescent moon, n.d. Creator: Totoya Hokkei.
Bottle with a goldfish design, c. late 1820s. Creator: Totoya Hokkei.
A painting of Daoist immortal Huang Chuping (Jp: Ko Shohei), 1823. Creator: Totoya Hokkei.
Wasabi root with dried bonito and knife on a lacquer tray, early 1820s. Creator: Totoya Hokkei.
Fans decorated with motifs of the three auspicious dreams of the New Year, c. 1821. Creator: Totoya Hokkei.
Foreign Goods in Osaka (Osaka hikita karamono), from the series "Three Cities (Santo..., c.1818/30. Creator: Totoya Hokkei.
Two dolls and a brocade bag, from the series "Clothing, Food, and Shelter (Ishokuju no uchi)", 1818. Creator: Totoya Hokkei.
"Three friends" ikebana, late 18th-early 19th century. Creator: Utagawa Toyohiro.
Peonies and Chinese Lions, c. 1762. Creator: Suzuki Harunobu.
Plums and Biwa, 1860s. Creator: Tanomura Shosai.
The Monkey Seal, spring 1884. Creator: Osa Toho.
Camellia in Vase and Tea-utensil Box, 1820s. Creator: Rintei.
Camellia in Vase and Tea-utensil Box, 1820s. Creator: Rintei.
A Pair of Boxes, a Letter Box, and Plum Blossoms, n.d. Creator: Shinsai.
Red and White Plum Blossoms with Poem Slip, About 1810. Creator: Shinsai.
A Giant Radish (daikon), Chrysanthemums and Ferns, About 1820. Creator: Shinsai.
Fish and shells, 1821. Creator: Shinsai.
Bird cage and flowers, early 19th century. Creator: Shinsai.
Jar, scales and bowl, no. 6 from the series "The Rabbit's Boastful Exploits (Usagi..., 1819. Creator: Shinsai.
Sekiya, E-awase, and Matsukaze, from the series "The Tale of Genji (Genji monogatari)", c. 1819/20. Creator: Shinsai.
Rabbit and Fish, spring 1855. Creator: Shiko.
Camellia, 1870. Creator: Shokyo.
Picture Book: Selected Insects (Ehon mushi erabi), Japan, 1788. Creator: Kitagawa Utamaro.
Tangerine and Chinese Legend, Japan, spring 1871. Creator: Kosei.
Writing Implements and Seals, Japan, 1799 or 1811. Creator: Kubo Shunman.
Primroses, Japan, c. 1810s. Creator: Kubo Shunman.
Coin Pouch and Potted Adonis, Japan, c. 1802. Creator: Kubo Shunman.
Almanac, Japan, 1883. Creator: Matsui Toka.
Narcissus and lacquer box, Japan, c. 1820s/30s. Creator: Mori Shunkei.
Takemoto-School Surimono, Japan, 1847. Creator: Nagayama Kien.
Folded Surimono with Kite, Japan, 1850s. Creator: Nakajima Raisho.
New Year's Offering, c. 1806/11. Creator: Niwa Tokei.
Pine Branches and Paper Cranes, c. 1821. Creator: Niwa Tokei.
Chrysanthemums and Bee, from an untitled series of Large Flowers, Japan, c. 1831-33. Creator: Hokusai.
Hokusai manga (Sketches of Hokusai), v. 1-3, 5-11, and 14 of 15, Japan, 1812/78. Creator: Hokusai.
Memorial Anniversary (Shunen), from the series "One Hundred Ghost Tales (Hyaku..., Japan, 1831/32. Creator: Hokusai.
Lilies, from an untitled series of Large Flowers, Japan, c. 1833/34. Creator: Hokusai.
Morning Glories and Tree-frog, from an untitled series of Large Flowers, Japan, c. 1833/34. Creator: Hokusai.
Iris, from The Picture Book of Realistic Paintings of Hokusai (Hokusai shashin gafu), Japan, c.1814. Creator: Hokusai.
Flowers, from The Picture Book of Realistic Paintings of Hokusai (Hokusai shashin..., Japan, c.1814. Creator: Hokusai.
Comb Products in Tsuchiyama, Japan, c. 1804. Creator: Hokusai.
Illustration of products in Yoshida, Japan, 1804. Creator: Hokusai.
Flowers and spring greens in a hat, Japan, c. 1801. Creator: Hokusai.
Poppies, from an untitled series of flowers, Japan, c. 1832. Creator: Hokusai.
Iris and Grasshopper, from an untitled series of large flowers, Japan, c. 1833/34. Creator: Hokusai.
Votive Pictures (Ema), from the series "A Selection of Horses (Uma-zukushi)", Japan, 1822. Creator: Hokusai.