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Portrait of a Man, 1843. Creator: Coenraad Hamburger.
Portrait of a Man, 1761. Creator: Daniel Bruyninx.
Self portrait, 1786-1810. Creator: Hermanus Fock.
Portrait of a Woman, 1799-1867. Creator: Jan Lodewijk Jonxis.
Portrait of Louis XVI (1754-93), King of France, 1775-1800. Creator: Unknown.
Portrait of a Woman, 1790-1836. Creator: Joseph Charles de Haen.
Portrait of a man, 1755. Creator: Joseph Marinkel.
Portrait of a man, 1763-1813. Creator: Leonardus Temminck.
Portrait of a Woman, 1685. Creator: Peter Cross.
Portrait of Frederik Willem van Limburg Stirum (1774-1850), 1810-1815. Creator: Pierre Joseph Gauthier.
Portrait of an Austrian officer, 1770-1790. Creator: Anon.
Portrait of a sick girl lying in bed, 1800-1809. Creator: George Nikolaus Ritter.
Portrait of a woman with a black shawl, 1763-1813. Creator: Leonardus Temminck.
Carel Hendrik Ver Huell (1764-1845), Vice-Admiral of the Batavian fleet and Minister..., (1804). Creator: Louis Marie Sicardi.
James II (1633-1701), later King of England, as a young man, 1656. Creator: Louis du Guernier.
James II (1633-1701), later king of England, at a young age, 1645-1655.  Creator: Louis du Guernier.
Double-sided portrait miniature: Arend Willem Baron van Reede, 1800-1830.  Creator: Anon.