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Noli Me Tangere, 1500/05. Creator: Perugino.
Saint John of Nepomuk, c. 1750. Creator: Peter Hencke.
The Destruction of Pharaoh's Army, 1792. Creator: Philip James de Loutherbourg.
Lucretia (?), 1547/48. Creator: Pierino da Vinci.
Virgin and Child with the Young Saint John the Baptist, Saint Cecilia, and Angels, c. 1505. Creator: Piero di Cosimo.
Saint Salvi Church, Albi, 1830/40. Creator: Pierre Achille Poirot.
Wounded Lioness, 1840/50. Creator: Pierre Andrieu.
Tiger Resting, c. 1830. Creator: Pierre Andrieu.
Sancho Panza Being Tossed in a Blanket, 1723/24. Creator: Pierre Charles Tremolieres.
Project for a Monument to a General, 1830/40. Creator: Pierre-Jean David d'Angers.
Innocence Preferring Love and Riches, c. 1804. Creator: Pierre-Paul Prud'hon.
In the Heather, 1896. Creator: Pierre Puvis de Chavannes.
The Sacred Grove, Beloved of the Arts and the Muses, 1884/89. Creator: Pierre Puvis de Chavannes.
The Fisherman's Family, 1887. Creator: Pierre Puvis de Chavannes.
Alexander at the Tomb of Cyrus the Great, 1796. Creator: Pierre Henri de Valenciennes.
Mount Athos Carved as a Monument to Alexander the Great, 1796. Creator: Pierre Henri de Valenciennes.
The Eruption of Vesuvius, 1771. Creator: Pierre-Jacques Volaire.
Mademoiselle Jubin, 1829. Creator: Pierre-Jean David d'Angers.
Figure of a Retriever, c. 1840/60. Creator: Pierre-Jules Mene.
African Hunter, 1877. Creator: Pierre-Jules Mene.
Still Life, about 1625. Creator: Pieter Claesz.
An Elegant Company, 1632. Creator: Pieter Codde.
Still Life with Ostrich Egg Cup and the Whitfield Heirlooms, c. 1670. Creator: Pieter Gerritsz van Roestraeten.
Female Bust (possibly Aïda), c. 1875. Creator: Pietro Calvi.
Portrait of a Gentleman, 1540/50. Creator: Pietro de Marescalchi.
Portrait of the Architect Giuseppe Valadier, c. 1795. Creator: Pietro Labruzzi.
Lady at Her Toilette, late 1740s. Creator: Pietro Longhi.
The Dance, c. 1750. Creator: Pietro Longhi.
Don José Moñino y Redondo, Conde de Floridablanca, c. 1776. Creator: Pompeo Batoni.
Allegory of Peace and War, 1776. Creator: Pompeo Batoni.
Saint Andrew, 1740/43. Creator: Pompeo Batoni.
Time Unveiling Truth, 1740/45. Creator: Pompeo Batoni.
Portrait of a Man with a Pink, 1500/10. Creator: Quentin Metsys I.
Old Man with a Gold Chain, 1631. Creator: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn.
Young Woman at an Open Half-Door, 1645. Creators: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, Workshop of Rembrandt.
Cigar Making in Seville, 1899. Creator: Ricardo Canals y Llambí.
Portrait of a Gentleman, c. 1505. Creator: Ridolfo Ghirlandaio.
The Holy Family with Four Saints and a Female Donor, c. 1510. Creator: Antonio Rimpacta.
Table Centerpiece, 1881. Creator: Rinaldo Carnielo.
Portrait of Jean Gros, 1460/64. Creators: Workshop of Rogier van der Weyden, Rogier Van der Weyden.
Cattle at Rest on a Hillside in the Alps, 1885. Creator: Rosa Bonheur.
Lion, c. 1880. Creator: Rosa Bonheur.
Portrait of Countess Grafin von Furstenberg, c.1740. Creator: Rosalba Giovanna Carriera.
River Landscape with a View of Naarden, 1642. Creator: Salomon Ruysdael.
Polycrates and the Fisherman, c. 1664. Creator: Salvator Rosa.
Polycrates' Crucifixion, c. 1664. Creator: Salvator Rosa.
Resurrection of Christ, 1665/70. Creator: Samuel van Hoogstraten.
Virgin and Child with Two Angels, 1485/95. Creator: Sandro Botticelli.
Virgin and Child with an Angel, 1475/85. Creator: Sandro Botticelli.
Virgin and Child with Saints Jerome, Bernardino of Siena, and Angels, 1450/60. Creator: Sano di Pietro.
Self-Portrait as a Chimera, ca. 1880. Creator: Sarah Bernhardt.
Christ Carrying the Cross, about 1515/1517. Creator: Sebastiano del Piombo.
The Continence of Scipio, c. 1706. Creator: Sebastiano Ricci.
Christ Receiving the Children, c. 1655. Creator: Sébastien Bourdon.
Satyr Mother and Child, about 1510/40. Creator: Workshop of Severo da Ravenna.
Old Beggar Carrying Child, 1735/50. Creator: Simon Troger.
Eleanor Margaret Gibson-Carmichael, 1802/03. Creator: Henry Raeburn.
Robert Brown of Newhall, 1792. Creator: Henry Raeburn.
Adam Rolland of Gask II, 1800/10. Creator: Henry Raeburn.
Capital with Eagles, 1230/40. Creator: Unknown.