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The Battle between the Gods and the Giants, c. 1608. Creator: Joachim Anthonisz Wtewael.
Portrait of a Young Woman, 1562. Creator: Joachim Beuckelaer.
Entrance to the Port of Honfleur, 1863/64. Creator: Johan Barthold Jongkind.
The Church of Overschie, 1866. Creator: Johan Barthold Jongkind.
Old Peasant Lighting a Pipe, c. 1660. Creator: Johann Carl Loth.
A Farmhouse in the Bavarian Alps, About 1825. Creator: Johann Georg von Dillis.
Queen Louise of Prussia, modeled 1799, cast 1819/21. Creator: Johann Gottfried Schadow.
Paris, about 1787. Creator: Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein.
Helen, about 1787. Creator: Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein.
The Annunciation, Completed by 1457. Creator: Johann Koerbecke.
Mercury rescues the disguised Io after beheading Argus, c. 1690/95. Creator: Johann Michael Rottmayr.
Diana and Endymion, 1690/95. Creator: Johann Michael Rottmayr.
Venus and Cupid at the Forge of Vulcan, 1690/95. Creator: Johann Michael Rottmayr.
Jove casts his Thunderbolts at the Rebellious Giants, 1690/95. Creator: Johann Michael Rottmayr.
Apollo Granting Phaeton Permission to Drive the Chariot of the Sun, 1690/95. Creator: Johann Michael Rottmayr.
Portrait of the Artist, c. 1820/30. Creator: John Baptist.
The Infants Christ and Saint John the Baptist Embracing, 1520/25. Creators: Joos van Cleve, Workshop of Joos van Cleve.
Shepherd and Shepherdess, 1790/1800. Creator: Joseph Charles Marin.
Mrs. Freeman Flower, 1747. Creator: Joseph Highmore.
Freeman Flower, 1747. Creator: Joseph Highmore.
Battle Scene, c. 1825. Creator: Hippolyte Bellangé.
Bust of a Young Man, 1870/75. Creator: Jean Alexandre Joseph Falguiere.
Mother and Child on a Seashore, c. 1890. Creator: Jozef Israels.
Slender Woman with Vase, 1894. Creator: Jozsef Rippl-Ronai.
Flowers and Fruit in a China Bowl, c. 1645. Creator: Juan de Zurbarán.
Sitges, 19th century. Creator: Juan Roig y Soler.
Still Life with Game Fowl, 1600/03. Creator: Juan Sánchez Cotán.
The Song of the Lark, 1884. Creator: Jules Breton.
Odalisque, 1874. Creator: Jules-Joseph Lefebvre.
Portrait of Mrs. Charles L. Hutchinson, 1890. Creator: Jules Elie Delaunay.
Nubian Woman, 1825/30. Creator: Jules-Robert Auguste.
Penitent Saint Peter, 1628/32. Creator: Jusepe de Ribera.
An Old Man in a Fur Cap, 1650/60. Creator: Karel van der Pluym.
Bust of Amphitrite, c. 1725. Creator: Lambert-Sigisbert Adam.
Panthea, Cyrus, and Araspas, 1631/34. Creator: Laurent de la Hyre.
Bozzetto for Saint Paul, c. 1776. Creator: Leandro Gagliardi.
The Harvesters, 1888/89. Creator: Leon-Augustin Lhermitte.
Portrait of Henry Field, 1896. Creator: Leon Joseph Florentin Bonnat.
Virgin and Child, 1460/70. Creator: Unknown.
Saint Catherine of Siena, 1510/15. Creator: Lo Spagna.
Processional Cross with Saint Mary Magdalene and a Blessed Hermit, 1392/95. Creator: Lorenzo Monaco.
An Elegant Woman at the Élysée Montmartre (Élégante à l’Élysée Montmartre), 1888. Creator: Louis Anquetin.
The Movings, 1822. Creator: Louis Leopold Boilly.
Busts of Pierre François Leonard Fontaine and Charles Percier, 1839. Creator: Louis Petitot.
Still Life with a Basket of Fruit and a Bunch of Asparagus, 1630. Creator: Louise Moillon.
Venus and Cupid, c. 1570. Creator: Luca Cambiaso.
The Abduction of the Sabine Women, 1675/80. Creator: Luca Giordano.
The Vision of Saint Francis, c. 1602. Creator: Lodovico Carracci.
The Fountain at Grottaferrata, 1832. Creator: Ludwig Richter.
Crucifixion of Saint Peter, 1770/80. Creators: Luigi Valadier, Workshop of Luigi Valadier.
The Conversation, 1875/79. Creator: Marcellin Desboutin.
Assumption of the Virgin, 16th century. Creator: Marcellus Coffermans.
An Italian Comedy in Verona, 1772. Creator: Marco Marcola.
Crucifixion, 1646. Creator: María Josefa Sánchez.
African Chief, 1870. Creator: Mariano Jose Maria Bernardo Fortuny y Carbo.
Cavalier, c. 1871. Creator: Mariano Jose Maria Bernardo Fortuny y Carbo.
John Philip Kemble, c.1795. Creator: Sir Martin Archer Shee.
Saint Christopher Meets Satan; Saint Christopher before the King of Lycia, 1480/85. Creator: Martín de Soria.
Saint Christopher Taking Leave of the King Who Feared Satan; Saint Christopher and His Converts... Creator: Martín de Soria.
Canal in Venice, 1880s. Creator: Martín Rico y Ortega.