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A Glory of the Virgin with the Archangel Gabriel and Saints Eusebius, Roch..., between 1724 and 1725 Creator: Sebastiano Ricci.
Jesus Christ Appearing to Saint Roch, 1626. Creator: Paulus Pontius.
Saint Roch Interceding on Behalf of Plague Victims, 1567/1573. Creator: Lattanzio Gambara.
Plague Victims Pleading for Help from Christ, the Virgin, and Saint Roch, 1567/1573. Creator: Lattanzio Gambara.
Saint Roche, 1480 or after. Creator: Master of the Cologne Arms, Workshop of.
Saint Roch. Creator: Master of the Die.
Saint Roch, n.d. Creator: Guercino.
Triptych of the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian (central panel)..., between 1525 and 1566. Creator: Jan Sanders van Hemessen.
Saint Roch at right distributing alms to a group of people gathered around him, ca. 1600-1640. Creator: Anon.
Saint Roch, ca. 1705-24. Creator: Anon.
Three Lucchese saints Sts Nicholas Tolentino, Nicholas of Bari interceding with the V..., 1650-1700. Creator: Anon.
Three Lucchese saints Sts Nicholas Tolentino, Nicholas of Bari and Roch interceding w..., 1650-1700. Creator: Anon.
Virgin and Child in Glory with Saints Sebastian, John the Evangelist, and Roch, c.1610. Creator: Pasquale Ottino.
Saint Clement Flanked by Saints Sebastian and Roch, n.d. Creator: Andrea Lilio.
Bulto St. Rocce, 1935/1942. Creator: E. Boyd.
The Assumption; St. Roch; Salvator Mundi; St. Clare of Monte Falco. Creator: Jacques Callot.
Saints Christopher, Sebastian, and Roche, c. 1495. Creator: Unknown.
Saint Roch, c. 1500. Creator: Albrecht Durer.
Saint Roch, German, early 16th century. Creator: Unknown.
The Madonna of Saint Sebastian, with the Virgin and Child, surrounded by angels, looking d..., 1847. Creator: Achille Désiré Lefèvre.
Saints Sebastian, Anthony and Roch.n.d. Creator: Jean Duvet.
Saint Roch, kneeling on a stone, seen from the side with his dog behind him and a towns..., 1620-30. Creator: Giuseppe Caletti.
'The Expulsion of Saint Roch from Rome', late 15th century. Artist: German Master
'The Healing of Saint Roch', late 15th century. Artist: German Master
'Landscape with the Legend of Saint Roch', early 16th century. Artist: Joachim Patinir
'Legend of Saint Roch,' 16th century.  Artist: Bernaert van Orley
'Landscape Scene with Saint Roch', c1500-1524. Artist: Joachim Patinir