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Murder of the Two Princes in the Tower - (Die Söhne Eduards IV.) - painted by Hildebrandt, 1850. Creator: Unknown.
"The Burial of the Two Sons of Edward IV., in the Tower, 1483" ..., 1850.  Creator: George Dalziel.
The Burial of the Princes in the Tower, 1844. Creator: Unknown.
'The Marriage of Richard Duke of York. (Brother to Edward V.)', 1478, (1821), (mid 19th century).  Creator: J Rogers.
The murder of the Princes in the Tower, (late 18th-early 19th century). Creator: James Northcote.
'The Son's of Edward IV Parted from their Mother, by Richard Duke of Gloucester, June 16th 1483', ( Artist: W Ridgway.
The Queen Dowager of Edward IV parting with her son, the Duke of York, 1483 (1793). Artist: Unknown.
The Young Princes in the Tower, 1831 (1910). Creator: Unknown.
'The Children of King Edward IV of England', 1852.  Artist: Paul Delaroche
'The days seemed very long and dreary to the two little boys', c1483, (1905).Artist: A S Forrest
'The Princes in the Tower', 1897.Artist: Frances Brundage
King Edward V of England, (1788).Artist: Cook
'Murder Of The Little Princes', 1483, (c1850). Artist: Unknown