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Pilot Neil Armstrong and X-15 #1, 1960. Creator: NASA.
Apollo 11 Crew During Training Exercise, 1969. Creator: NASA.
President George Bush and Apollo 11 Astronauts, Washington D.C., USA, 1989. Creator: NASA.
Apollo 11 Recovery Area, 1969. Creator: NASA.
Neil Armstrong lunar surface training, USA, April 22, 1969.  Creator: NASA.
Pesident Nixon visits Apollo 11 crew in quarantine. Creator: NASA.
Apollo 11 Launch, July 16, 1969.  Creator: NASA.
President Nixon meets the Apollo 11 astronauts on the lawn of the White House. Creator: Unknown.
Gemini VIII splashdown, Armstrong and Scott with hatches open, March 16, 1966.  Creator: NASA.
Apollo 11 Crew in Raft before Recovery, 1969. Creator: NASA.
Lunar landing training vehicle piloted by Neil Armstrong, Texas, USA, June 16, 1969.  Creator: NASA.
Fred Drinkwater congratulating Neil Armstrong, California, USA, February 1964.  Creator: Lee Jones.
[President Richard M. Nixon Welcomes the Apollo 11 Astronauts Aboard Recovery Ship USS Hor..., 1969. Creator: NASA.
Commander Neil Armstrong in the Lunar Module on the Moon, Apollo 11 mission, July 1969. Creator: Buzz Aldrin.
Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, crew of Apollo 11, 1969. Creator: NASA.
Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong in quarantine, Apollo 11 mission, July 1969. Creator: NASA.
Illustration anticipating Neil Armstrong's Moon landing, 1969. Artist: Unknown
The crew of Apollo 11, 1969.Artist: NASA
Wedgwood plate commemorating the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon landing, 1972. Artist: Wedgwood
Armstrong and Aldrin unfurl the US flag on the moon, 1969. Artist: Unknown