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Mercury Astronauts Receiving the Collier Trophy, White House, Washington, USA, 1963.  Creator: NASA.
Apollo 7 and 8 Crew in the White House, 1968. Creator: NASA.
Kennedy at Rice University, 1962. Creator: Unknown.
Mariner photos presented to President Johnson, 1965. Creator: NASA.
US president John F Kennedy at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, September 11, 1962. Creator: NASA.
President Johnson Congratulates Astronauts, 1965. Creator: NASA.
Kennedy Giving Historic Speech to Congress, 1961. Creator: NASA.
Spiro Agnew and Lyndon Johnson Watch the Apollo 11 Lift off, Florida, USA, 1969.  Creator: NASA.
T. Keith Glennan shows Lyndon Johnson aluminized mylar flim used to make the Echo I balloon, 1960.. Creator: NASA.
Pinback button for Kennedy - Johnson 1960 presidential campaign, 1960. Creator: Green Duck Company.