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Queen Louise of Prussia, modeled 1799, cast 1819/21. Creator: Johann Gottfried Schadow.
Marriage Medal of Crown Prince Frederick William of Prussia and Princess Louise..., [obverse], 1793. Creators: Daniel Friedrich Loos, Friedrich Wilhelm Loos.
First meeting of Queen Louise and her children after the Battle of Jena, 18 October 1806, (1936). Creator: Unknown.
Queen Louise on the flight to Memel, 5 January 1807, (1936). Creator: Unknown.
Queen Louise, (1936). Creator: Unknown.
Meeting of Queen Louise and Napoleon I in Tilsit, 6 July 1807, (1936). Creator: Unknown.
'Luise', (1933). Creator: Unknown.
'Queen Louisa Reviewing the Prussian Army', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'Queen Louisa of Prussia', 1802, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Napoleon Receiving The Queen of Prussia at Tilsit', 1807, (1896). Artist: Peter Aitken.
'Königin Luise 1776-1810. - Gemälde von Gustao Richter', 1934. Creator: Unknown.
'Königin Luise von Preussen', c1910. Artist: Unknown.
Louise Augusta Wilhelmine Amalie, Queen of Prussia. Artist: Unknown
Mausoleum at Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany, 1893.Artist: John L Stoddard