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The Generals Napoleon and Berthier, 1801. Creator: Juriaan Andriessen.
Napoleon's bivouac on the battlefield of Wagram during the night of 5-6 July 1809, (1921). Creator: Heinrich Guttenberg.
'Berthier', (1753-1815), c1830. Creator: Francois-Seraphin Delpech.
Louis-Alexandre Berthier, 1804, (1839). Creator: Contenau.
'Marshal Louis-Alexandre Berthier - Prince of Neufchatel and of Wagram', 1796, (1896). Artist: H Davidson.
'Le General Berthier', late 18th century, (1913). Artist: Pierre Michel Alix.
Marshal Berthier, Prince of Wagram.Artist: Juliannau
Louis Alexandre Berthier (1753-1815), Marshal of France, 1839. Creator: Contenau.