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Lady John Russell's Assembly on Wednesday Evening, at Downing-Street - the Refreshment Room, 1850. Creator: Unknown.
Lord John Russell's house, Chesham-Place, 1845. Creator: Unknown.
'Earl Russell', c1872. Creator: William Holl.
'Receiving the Fatal News!',1834. Creator: John Doyle.
'Seconding a Motion or The Party of the Movement', 1833. Creator: John Doyle.
'Earl Russell', c1860, (c1884). Creator: Unknown.
'The Irish Tutor', 1836. Creator: John Doyle.
'The Irish Tutor', 1836. Creator: John Doyle.
'Extraordinary Meeting of Leaders of Opposition.', 1835. Creator: John Doyle.
John Russell, 1st Earl Russell, British statesman, c1861 (1936). Artist: Unknown.