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John Philip Kemble, c.1795. Creator: Sir Martin Archer Shee.
Theatrical Leap Frog, November 30, 1804., November 30, 1804. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson.
This is the House that Jack Built, September 27, 1809., September 27, 1809. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson.
Melpomene in the Dumps, or Child's Play Defended by Theatrical Monarchs, 1804., 1804. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson.
The Rehearsal or the Baron and the Elephant, January 1, 1812., January 1, 1812. Creator: George Cruikshank.
Blowing-up the Pic-Nic's;-or-Harlequin Quixote Attacking the Puppets, vide Totten..., April 2, 1802. Creator: James Gillray.
'Kemble', (1757-1823), 1830. Creator: Unknown.
'Mrs. Siddons and J. P. Kemble in the Dagger Scene from Macbeth', 1786. Artist: Thomas Beach.
John Philip Kemble (1757-1823), English actor, 1912. Artist: Unknown
'Theatrical Mendicants, Relieved ...', 1809. Artist: James Gillray