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North Elba, John Brown's grave, Adirondack Mts., N.Y., c1902. Creator: William H. Jackson.
The progress of civilization in Kansas, 1897. Creator: Unknown.
Three Treasury Department employees, Mr. Graham, John Brown, and another..., between 1884 and 1930. Creator: Frances Benjamin Johnston.
Portrait of John Brown, ca. 1859. Creator: Alexander Gardner.
John Brown, 1872. Creator: Ole Peter Hansen Balling.
The Last Moments of John Brown, 1882-84. Creator: Thomas Hovenden.
'Queen Victoria at Osborne', 1865-1867, (1943).  Creator: Edwin Henry Landseer.
'Queen Victoria at Osborne House', 1865 (1906). Artist: Unknown.
'Queen Victoria at Osborne House', 1865 (1906). Artist: Unknown.
The Czars' visit to Balmoral, 1896.Artist: W&D Downey
The arrest of John Brown of Ashford, a Lollard, 1517, (1856). Artist: Alexander Johnston
John Brown, Queen Victoria's personal attendant, 1900.Artist: GW Wilson and Company
Sir John Brown, British industrialist, c1880. Artist: Unknown
John Brown, Scottish physician, 1791. Artist: John Kay