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'March of Reform - Master of Ceremonies in the H. of Commons Improved Manners...', 1837.  Creator: John Doyle.
'Seconding a Motion or The Party of the Movement', 1833. Creator: John Doyle.
'The Reconciliation. An Affecting Scene', 1834. Creator: John Doyle.
'A Fair Game', 1835. Creator: John Doyle.
'House of Commons, 1846: Robert Peel announcing his Conversion to Free Trade Principles...', (1901). Creator: Unknown.
Sir James Graham, British politician, c1840s (c1890). Creator: Unknown.
'A Group of Sporting Characters at Epsom', c1832.  Creator: Unknown.
'A Rude Design for a Grand Historical Picture of The Death of Caesar', 1836. Creator: John Doyle.
Sir James Graham, (1792-1861), 1900. Artist: Unknown
James Graham, Scottish quack doctor, 1795.  Artist: John Kay
Scene in the House of Commons, London, 22 January 1846 (1901). Artist: Unknown
'Dr Graham shot in his buggy by the Sealkote Mutineers', 1857, (c1860). Artist: Unknown