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Brass Gun presented by the Emperor Napoleon to Her Majesty the Queen, 1858. Creator: Unknown.
Marshal Pélissier, 1855. Creator: Roger Fenton.
A Council of War: Lord Raglan, Omar Pacha and Pelissier, Taken the eve Before the..., Crimea, 1855. Creator: Roger Fenton.
The Council of War on the Morning of the Taking of the Mamelon. Lord Raglan, Omar Pasha, M..., 1855. Creator: Roger Fenton.
'Marshal Pelissier', 1902. Artist: Unknown.
Aimable Jean Jacques Pelissier, duke of Malakoff, marshal of France, 19th century. Creator: Daniel John Pound.
Aimable Jean Jacques Pelissier, French soldier, 1857. Artist: Anon