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"Miss Agnes Gladstone and her Brother Herbert, Children of the Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P., marbl Creator: Harvey Orrin Smith.
'The great meeting at Her Majesty's Theatre, ...Irish Patriotic Union...', 1886.  Creator: Unknown.
'The Study at Hawarden', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'The Passage of the Home Rule Bill from the Commons to the Lords, September 2, 1893', (1901).  Creator: Unknown.
Hawarden Castle, c1900. Artist: Catherall & Pritchard.
Funeral of William Ewart Gladstone in Westminster Abbey, London, 1898 (1906). Artist: Unknown.
The Garden, Hawarden Castle, Flintshire, Wales, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
'Mr Gladstone's Orphanage, Hawarden', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
Birthplace of William Gladstone, Liverpool, 19th century.Artist: Butterworth & Heath
The lying in state of William Gladstone, Westminster Hall, London, 1898 (c1905).Artist: John Benjamin Stone
Lord Arthur Charles Hervey, Bishop of Bath and Wells, 1880.Artist: Lock & Whitfield
Article on The State in its Relations with the Church, 1839.Artist: Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1st Baron Macaulay
Catherine Gladstone, wife of William Ewart Gladstone, (1928). Artist: Unknown
'Master Bull and his Dentist', 1861. Artist: Unknown
'Going to the Country', 1868. Artist: John Tenniel
'A Change for The Better', 1869. Artist: Joseph Swain
Trust Me!, 1870. Artist: Joseph Swain
'The Next Disestablishment', 1871. Artist: Joseph Swain
'The Status Quo', 1876.  Artist: Joseph Swain
'Unavoidably Delayed', 1880. Artist: Joseph Swain
'Law and Liberty', 1880. Artist: Joseph Swain
Hawarden Castle, Flintshire, Wales, home of William Gladstone, c1880. Artist: Unknown
'Dissent in Earnest', 1860. Artist: Unknown
'Degenerate Days!!', 1874. Artist: Joseph Swain
'Paradise and the Peri', 1874.  Artist: Joseph Swain
'The Open Door!', 1885. Artist: Joseph Swain
The European Concert', 1880. Artist: Joseph Swain