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African American members of the Women's Army Corps standing in the snow and..., New York, 1946. Creator: Unknown.
A crowd of African American Women's Army Corps members waving at the camera..., 1946. Creator: Unknown.
Members of an all-African American company walking in rows during an infantry drill..., 1943. Creator: Unknown.
Members of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps wearing gas masks and testing them for..., 1943. Creator: Unknown.
Army nurses standing at attention in front of their barracks and being inspected by..., 1939 - 1945. Creator: Unknown.
African American Private Hannah Wills developing an x-ray film in the x-ray laboratory..., 1943. Creator: Unknown.
Two African American Lieutenants of the Women's Army Corps sitting at a table and..., 1939 - 1945. Creator: Unknown.
Members of the Women's Army Corps identifying incorrectly addressed mail for soldiers..., 1943. Creator: Unknown.
Huge hand span makes ball handling easy, 1947. Creator: Unknown.