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'View of part of  the Ruins of the Abbey of St. Agatha: near Eastby, Yorkshire', 1791. Artist: Unknown.
The Bridge of Dezful, Iran, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
Omar's Mosque, Jerusalem, Israel, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
Aleppo, Syria, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
Mount Hermon, Syria, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
The bridge across the Zendeh-Rud, Isfahan, Iran, 1895. Artist: Unknown
The Falls of Pambuk-Kaleh (or Tambuk), 1895. Artist: Unknown
Amasya, Turkey, 1895. Artist: Unknown
Remains of the Temple of Augustus and Rome, Ancyra (Ankara), Turkey, 1895. Artist: Unknown
The ruins of the basilica at Pergamon, Turkey, 1895. Artist: Unknown
The Convent of St Catherine, Mount Sinai, Egypt, 1895. Artist: Unknown
The Bukhtarma valley in the Altay Mountains, 1895. Artist: Unknown
Pyatigorsk, Russia, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
Yekaterinburg, Russia, 1895. Artist: Unknown
The Dui Valley, Sakhalin, Russia, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
Lahore, Pakistan, 1895.Artist: Bertrand
Simla, India, 1895.Artist: Bertrand
The Angara river, below the Padunskiy rapids, Siberia, Russia, 1895.Artist: Charles Barbant
The Lataband Pass, Afghanistan, 1895.Artist: Bertrand
Dankar, Lahul and Spiti, India, 1895.Artist: Armand Kohl
The Citadel of Attock and a bridge of boats over the Indus, Pakistan, 1895. Artist: Unknown
Antwerp, Belgium, 1898. Artist: Laplante
Lieutenant Samuel Gurney Cresswell (1827-1867), naval officer, 1853. Artist: Unknown