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''The Monument of London', 1891. Creator: Henri Lanos.
Interior view of the monument to the Great Fire of London, 2018. Creator: Chris Redgrave.
'Old Bethlehem Hospital, Moorfields about 1750', (c1872). Creator: Unknown.
'The College of Physicians, Warwick Lane, 1868', (1897). Creator: Unknown.
The Monument, City of London, c1755 (1903). Artist: Thomas Bowles.
Almshouses in Pitfield Street, Shoreditch, London, c1720. Artist: Johannes Kip
Entrance to the Haberdashers' Almshouses in Pitfield Street, Shoreditch, London, c1830. Artist: G Yates
Universal joint invented by Robert Hooke, 1676. Artist: Unknown
Illustration of Hooke's Law on elasticity of materials, showing stretching of a spring, 1678. Artist: Unknown
Louse clinging to a human hair, 1665. Artist: Unknown
Illustrations from English microscopist Robert Hooke's Micrographia, 1665. Artist: Unknown
Hooke's microscope with condenser for concentrating light, 1665. Artist: Unknown
Hooke's observations of the cellular structure of cork and a sprig of Sensitive Plant, 1665. Artist: Unknown
Frozen materials viewed by English microscopist Robert Hooke, 1665. Artist: Unknown
James Gregory, 17th century Scottish mathematician and astronomer. Artist: Unknown
Air pump built for Robert Boyle by Robert Hooke, 1660. Artist: Unknown
Louse clinging to a human hair in Hooke's Micrographia, 1665 Artist: Unknown