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Apollo 11 Lunar Module ascent stage photographed from Command Module, July 21, 1969.  Creator: Michael Collins.
Eagle In Lunar Orbit, 1969. Creator: Michael Collins.
View of the Lunar Module from the Command Module, Apollo 11 mission, July 20, 1969.  Creator: Michael Collins.
Apollo 11 bootprint on the Moon, July 1969. Creator: NASA.
Mobile Quarantine Facility, ca. 1969. Creator: Airstream.
Communications carrier used by Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11, 1949. Creator: Pacific Plantronics, Inc..
North American X-15, 1959. Creator: North American Aviation Inc..
Buzz Aldrin's Footprint on the Surface of the Moon, 1969. Creator: NASA.
The first footprint on the Moon', Apollo 11 mission, July 1969.  Creator: NASA.
Edwin Buzz Aldrin descends the steps of the Lunar Module ladder to walk on the Moon, 1969.Artist: NASA
Front side of the moon, 22 July 1969. Artist: Unknown