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Egypt - Cairo, Mosque of Mahommed Ali, 1860/90. Creator: Frank Mason Good.
Training robe worn by Muhammad Ali at the 5th Street Gym, 1964. Creator: Everlast Worldwide, Inc..
Ticket to a championship boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Leon Spinks, September 15, 1978. Creator: Unknown.
Training boxing glove signed by Cassius Clay, 1964. Creator: Wilson Sporting Goods Co..
Underwood typewriter and case, ca. 1950. Creator: Underwood Typewriter Company.
The Citadel and the Mosque of Mohammed Ali, Cairo, 1870s. Creator: Unknown.
Excursions Daguerriennes. Vues et monuments les plus remarquables du globe, 1840s. Creators: Noël Marie Paymal Lerebours, Antoine-Jean Weber.
'The New Pasha of Egypt. Not by Horace Vernet', 1840. Creator: John Doyle.
Cairo, from the minaret of Citadel Mosque, 1936. Artist: Unknown
On the Mahmoudiyah Canal, Alexandria, Egypt, 20th century. Artist: J Dearden Holmes
Citadel and Mohammed Ali Mosque, Cairo, Egypt, late 19th or early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
Mosque of Muhammad Ali under moonlight, Cairo, Egypt, 1928. Artist: Louis Cabanes
Entrance to the Muhammad Ali Mosque, Cairo, Egypt, 1928. Artist: Louis Cabanes
Mosque, Cairo, Egypt, 1928. Artist: Louis Cabanes