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Cleopatra's Banquet, between 1742 and 1743. Creator: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.
Theatrical Performance in the Rubens Room, at Windsor Castle - (Scene from "Julius Caesar"), 1850. Creator: Unknown.
Denarius (Coin) Depicting a Galley, 32-31 BCE, issued by Marc Antony. Creator: Unknown.
Antonia, 36 B.C.-A.D. c. 38, Daughter of Mark Antony and Octavia [obverse]. Creator: Giovanni da Cavino.
Jérusalem. Tour Antonia et Environs, 1860 or later. Creator: Louis de Clercq.
'The Battle of Actium', 1890.   Creator: Unknown.
'The Battle of Actium', 1890.   Creator: Unknown.
'Looking down upon the stream, he stood awhile deep in thought', c1912 (1912). Artist: Unknown.
'Here, sheltered by steep cliffs, he sat down to rest', c1912 (1912). Artist: Unknown.
The Battle of Actium, at which Augustus defeated Antony and Cleopatra, 31 BC (1908). Artist: Unknown.
Head of Antonia, the younger daughter of Mark Antony, 1st century. Artist: Unknown
Bust of Antonia the Younger. Artist: Unknown
'Cleopatra and Caesar (Anthony and Cleopatra)', 19th century. Artist: JC Armytage
Roman coin, Marc Antony Legionary Denarius, 32-1 BC. Artist: Unknown