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'The Queen Mother', 1937, (1951). Creator: Hay Wrightson.
'Their Majesties King George V and Queen Mary in their coronation robes', 1911, (1951). Creator: W&D Downey.
'Their Majesties King George V and Queen Mary at the time of their Silver Jubilee in 1935', 1951. Creator: Unknown.
The British and Russian royal families, 1909, (1951). Creator: Arthur William Debenham.
'King George V and Queen Mary at their first opening of Parliament', 6 February 1911, (1951). Creator: W&D Downey.
'King George V and Queen Mary in the Garter Procession at Windsor, 1913', (1951).  Creator: Unknown.
'On the Britannia with King George and Sir Charles Cust', c1920, (1951). Creator: Unknown.
'Queen Mary and Queen Alexandra at a meeting of the West Norfolk Hunt in 1920', (1951). Creator: Unknown.
'King George V, Queen Mary, Prince George, Princess Balmoral in 1934', (1951).  Creator: Unknown.
'Queen Mary with her granddaughters', 1930s, (1951). Creator: Unknown.
Queen Mary sets off to visit Canada, 1939, (1951).  Creator: Unknown.
'Watching A.T.S. girls at work...Army School of Cookery at Aldershot', c1941, (1951). Creator: Unknown.
Queen Mary with Princess Elizabeth, April 1944, (1951).  Creator: Unknown.
'Queen Mary, Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret..., Armistice Day, 1945', (1951).  Creator: Unknown.
Queen Mary at the Thanksgiving for Victory concert, Royal Albert Hall, 1945, (1951). Creator: Unknown.