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'Conway Castle, a Strong and Noble Medieval Fortress, Conway, Wales', c1930s. Creator: Unknown.
'Harlech Castle', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'Harlech Castle', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'The Tower of Merton, from the Garden', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'In Flint Castle', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'Rhuddlan Castle and Marshes', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'The Ramparts, Berwick-On-Tweed', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'On the Walls of Berwick, Looking Across the Tweed', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'The Banqueting Hall, Conway Castle', c1870.
'Lady Mary Bruce exposed, as a public spectacle at Roxburgh Castle, by order of Edward I', 1773. Creator: William Walker.
Eagle Tower, Caernarfon Castle, Caernarvonshire, North Wales, 1962. Creator: Norman Barnard.
Carved woman's head, Minster Church of St John, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, c1955-c1980. Creator: Ursula Clark.
'The Coronation Chair, Containing the Ancient Stone', 1902. Creator: Unknown.
'A Ship of the time of Edward I. (based on the Dover seal, 1284)', (1931). Artist: Charles Henry Bourne Quennell.
'Harlech Castle', c1896. Artist: Catherall & Pritchard.
'Carnarvon Castle', c1896. Artist: I Slater.
'Conway Castle and Bridges', c1896. Artist: Catherall & Pritchard.
'Lady Bruce, Sister of Robert Bruce, King of Scotland, confined in a Cage', c1787. Artist: Unknown.
Conway Castle, c1793. Artist: Thomas Girtin.
Harlech Castle, 1857. Artist: Alfred William Hunt.
Wakefield Tower, Tower of London, late 13th century (1984). Artist: Terry Ball.
'A Man and Woman of The Time of Edward I', 1907. Artist: Dion Clayton Calthrop.
Detail of stained glass in the Great Hall of Eltham Palace, Greenwich, London, c2000s(?). Artist: Unknown.
Leeds Castle, Kent, 2008. Artist: Historic England Staff Photographer.
'Caernarvon Castle', 1778. Artist: William Watts.
Man's Costume in the Reign of King Edward I, (1909). Artist: Unknown
The crowns of English sovereigns from William the Conqueror to Charles I, 1937. Artist: Unknown
'Harlech Castle', 19th century.   Artist: John Wright Oakes
Conway Castle, Caernarvonshire, North Wales, late 19th or early 20th century.Artist: Langsdorff and Co
Eleanor of Castile (1244-1290), queen consort of King Edward I, 1851.Artist: WH Egleton
Marguerite of France, Queen of King Edward I of England.Artist: B Eyles
Marguerite of France, Queen of Edward I of England.Artist: Henry Colburn
Eleanor of Castile (1241-1290), 1851.Artist: Henry Colburn
'View of Caernarvon Castle from Anglesea', Wales, 1814. Artist: William Daniell
'View of Conway Castle, Caernarvonshire', Wales, 1814-1825. Artist: William Daniell
Gateway to Beaumaris Castle, Anglesey, Wales, 1924-1926. Artist: Unknown
Shrewsbury Castle, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, c1900s-c1920s.Artist: Francis Frith
Eleanor Cross, Geddington, Northamptonshire, 1988. Artist: Unknown