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Beirout, the ancient Berothah, Syria, 1841.Artist: James B Allen
The bazaar at Jaffa, the ancient Joppa, Palestine (Israel), 1841.Artist: E Smith
A landing place in a small harbour at Rhodes, Greece, 1841.Artist: John Le Keux
The ruins of Soli, or Pompeiopolis, Turkey, 1841.Artist: J H Kernot
Jaffa, the ancient Joppa, Palestine (Israel), 1841.Artist: W Wallis
A Turkish burial ground at Sidon, Lebanon, 1841.Artist: J Redaway
Alexandria, Egypt, 1841.Artist: Roger Young
A castle near Tripoli, on the river Kadesha, Libya, 1841.Artist: WF Starling
The approach to Antioch, the ancient Anathoth, from Aleppo, Turkey, 1841.Artist: CJ Bentley
A sepulchre at Seleucia, Mesopotamia (Iraq/Iran), 1841.Artist: T Dixon
The Great Mosque at Antioch, Turkey, 1841.Artist: Henry Adlard
'Exterior of the Great Temple, Balbec', 1841. Creator: Robert Sands.
Ancient buildings in St Jean D'Acre (Acre), Israel, 1841.Artist: J Tingle
The tomb of St George, Bay of Kesrouan, Syria, 1841.Artist: MJ Starling
Ruins in Rhodes, Greece, 1841.Artist: EG Treacher
A market scene and a fountain in Antioch, Turkey, 1841.Artist: S Lacey
The battlefield of Issus, Turkey, 1841.Artist: WH Capone
The cave of the school of the Prophets, 1841.Artist: J Sands
Looking out to sea from Mount Carmel, Israel, 1841.Artist: W Floyd
Beirout, the ancient Berothah, Syria, 1841.Artist: J Appleton
The plain of the river Jordan, looking towards the Dead Sea, 1841.Artist: Sam Fisher
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Israel, 1841.Artist: H Griffiths
The Monastery of Santa Saba (Mar Saba), Israel, 1841.Artist: S Bradshaw
Lake Tiberias, or the Sea of Galilee, Israel, 1841Artist: W Floyd
The entrance to the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Israel, 1841.Artist: J Redaway
Absalom's Tomb, near Jerusalem, Israel, 1841.Artist: E Redclyffe
A chapel in Bethlehem, Israel, 1841.Artist: E Redclyffe
The Mount of Olives, Israel, 1841.Artist: E Benjamin
Synagogue of the Jews, Jerusalem, Israel, 1841.Artist: J Redaway
Jerusalem, Israel, 1841.Artist: Sam Fisher
The ruins of Djerash, the ancient Gergesa, Syria, 1841.Artist: W Floyd
Hadgi (Mecca pilgrims) encamped near Antioch, on the banks of the Orontes, Turkey, 1841.Artist: Henry Adlard
Damascus, Syria, 1841.Artist: H Jorden
'Ruins of Balbec, a Store-City of Solomon', 1841.  Creator: Robert Sands.
A Turkish divan, Damascus, Syria, 1841.Artist: George Presbury
Village of Eden, 1841.Artist: WH Capone
Tarsus, Turkey, 1841.Artist: James Carter
Antioch, Turkey, 1841.Artist: J Jeavons
Antioch, on the approach from Suadeah, Turkey, 1841.Artist: J Redaway
Beteddein, Palace of the Druses (Druze), Lebanon, 1841.Artist: W Floyd
St Jean D'Acre, Israel, 1841.Artist: Thomas Barber
Beit-El-Ma, the site of the ancient city of Riblah, Israel, 1841.Artist: Henry Adlard
The Barrada River, (the ancient Pharpar), Damascus, Syria, 1841.Artist: Robert Sands
'Pillars of the Great Temple at Balbec', 1841.  Creator: J Sands.
The Nahr-El-Kelb (Dog River), Lebanon, 1841.Artist: Joseph Wilson Lowry
Mount Lebanon, above the valley of the Kedesha, or Holy Valley, Lebanon, 1841.Artist: MJ Starling
'Ancient Cedars in the Forest of Lebanon', 1841. Artist: J Redaway
'The Great Khan at Damascus', 1841. Artist: W Kelsall
'Rhodes, from the Heights near Sir Sidney Smith's Villa', 1841. Artist: W Wallis
'Ruined Walls of Antioch, the Ancient Anathoth', 1841. Artist: S Lacey
Cafes on a branch of the Barrada River (the ancient Pharpar), Damascus, Syria, 1841.Artist: S Smith