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'Worship According to the Armenian Church'.Artist: T Brown
'Hindu Fakirs Practising Their Superstitious Rites Under the Banyan Tree'.Artist: Bell
'The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland as in 1783'.Artist: T Brown
'The Ten Abatars or Incarnations of Vishnu'.Artist: A Thom
'Oriental Divinities'.Artist: A Thom
'Canonization of Saints in St Peter's Church, Rome'.Artist: T Brown
Canonisation of Saints in St Peter's Church, Rome, 1712.Artist: T Brown
'Upper House of Convocation, Province of Canterbury'. Artist: Unknown
'The Musjid at Chazipore, India'.Artist: W Finden
'The Temple of Ten Thousand Idols in Japan', c1860.Artist: A Thom
The Trimurti or Hindu Trinity.Artist: Andrew Thomas
Mosque of Abdul Rahim Khan, Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, India.Artist: Finden
The Great Temple, Hurdmar.Artist: Finden
'Infanticide in India, as Practised in the Temples of Canesa'.Artist: T Jeavons
'Jain Temples, Muktagerri, Specimens of Hindu Architecture'.Artist: Finden
'A Japanese Preacher'.Artist: R Young
'Ruins at Ettaia, Said to Have Been Caused by the Combat Between Krishna and Kali'.Artist: Finden
Ancient Temple at Kunkhul, With a Madrissa or Ancient College in the Background.Artist: Finden
John Wesley, 18th century English non-conformist preacher.Artist: W Holl
'Baoli and Remains of the Palace of Jehanguir', Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.Artist: Capone
'The Red Water Ordeal, as Practised Among the Nations of Northern Guinea'.Artist: J Le Conte
'The Greek Patriarch'.Artist: Charles Holl
'Shrine of Mohummed Kahn, Deeg'.Artist: Finden
'A Jewish Rabbi Dressed for Prayers'.Artist: R Young
'Baptism According to the Church of Rome'.Artist: Andrew Thomas
'A Muscobite Bishop, in His Pontifical Habit'.Artist: JB Bird
'A Baptism According to the Greek Church in Russia'.Artist: W Forrest
'An Abdal, Santon or Kalender, Mohammedan Sect of Devotees'.Artist: R Young
'Rites at Funeral of Ashantee Chief'.Artist: A Thom