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'Cartouche on W. Mayo's Map of Barbados, 1722', (1944).  Creator: William Mayo.
'The Estate of Charles Henry Talbot, Dodderhill, 1770', (1944).  Creator: Unknown.
'The Village of Kineton, Warwickshire', 1885-1887, (1944).  Creator: Unknown.
'Matthew Paris's Map of Great Britain, c.1250', (1944).  Creator: Matthew Paris.
'Hereford World Map, c.1280', 1944. Creator: Richard de Bello.
Map of Chertsey Abbey, 1432, (1944).  Creator: Unknown.
'Saxton's Map of Norfolk, 1574', (1944).  Creator: Christopher Saxton.
'Cartouche by A. Ryther on Saxton's Map of Durham, 1576', (1944).  Creator: Augustine Ryther.