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Les Derniers jours de Pompéi, between 1834 and 1850. Creator: Frédéric Schopin.
Nydia, The Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii, modeled 1855-56, carved 1858. Creator: Randolph Rogers.
Scene from "The Lady of Lyons" at the Haymarket Theatre, 1845. Creator: Unknown.
'Aram', (1704-1759), 1830. Creator: Unknown.
'The Ruins of Rheinfels', 1834. Artist: William Radclyffe.
'The Church of St. Maria. Cologne', 1834. Artist: James Redaway.
'The Great Court of Heidelberg', 1834. Artist: Henry Winkles.
'Thurmberg', 1834. Artist: James Tibbitts Willmore.