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'The World at the Beginning of the 20th Century Showing British Possessions', c1900. Creator: Artists Illustrators Ltd.
'The New Admiralty Buildings, St. James's Park, London', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Sir Henry James (Afterwards Lord James of Hereford)', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Mr. Speaker Gully', c1900. Creators: Bassano Studio, William Court Gully.
'The Town Hall, Leeds', c1900. Creator: Will B. Robinson.
'Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoigne Cecil, 3rd Marquis of Salisbury', c1900. Creator: Elsden.
'Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Nelson Day: Scene in Trafalgar Square, London', 1895, (c1900). Creator: Unknown.
'The Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain', c1900. Creator: Gunn & Stuart.
'Commission Street, Johannesburg', c1900. Creator: Will B. Robinson.
'Fighting in the Matoppo Hills: Charge of the Matabele', c1900. Creator: William Barnes Wollen.
'The Armenian Atrocities: Mr. Gladstone Denouncing The Sultan at the Meeting in Liverpool', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Storming of Firket', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Lord Cromer', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Marriage of the Princess Maud of Wales', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Visit of Li Hung Chang to the Queen at Osborne', c1900. Creator: George Henry Grenville Manton.
'The Mansion House, Dublin', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'George Du Maurier', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Interior of the Royal Exchange, Manchester', c1900. Creator: H. E. Tidmarsh.
'Ex-President Kruger', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Mr. Rhodes Before the South Africa Committee', c1897, (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'Flight of the Greeks from Larissa', c1900. Creator: Ernest Prater.
'The London Hospital', c1900. Creator: Will B. Robinson.
'Sir Wilfrid Laurier', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'The Diamond Jubilee: Thanksgiving Service at St. Paul's Cathedral', c1900. Creator: W.D..
'Map of the Tirah Campaign', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'General Sir W. Lockhart', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'The Visit of the Duke and Duchess of York to Dublin', 1897, (c1900).  Creator: W.D..
'The First Passenger Train Over the White Pass and Yukon Route to Klondike in Pursuit of Gold',c1900 Creator: A.E. Huitt.
'Lord Cromer', c1900. Creator: Dickinson.
'Major Marchand', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'The Emir Mahmud Under Guard', 1898, (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'After Atbara: Brothers in Arms', 1898, (c1900).  Creator: F. D..
'The Battle of Omdurman: The Defence of the Khalifa's Black Flag', 1898, (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'The Advance of the Anglo-Egyptian Force Upon Omdurman', 1898, (c1900).  Creator: C Wilkinson.
'The Battle of Omdurman: MacDonald's Brigade Repelling the Dervish Onslaught', c1900. Creator: H.M.P..
'Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone Starting for a Drive from the Chateau Thorenc, Cannes', 1898, (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'Wei-Hai-Wei', 1898, (c1900). Creator: C Wilkinson.
'Mr. Gerald Balfour', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Mrs. Gladstone', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'The King's Hill at Mengo, Uganda', c1900. Creator: Will B. Robinson.
'Sir George Goldie', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Señor Sagasta, Spanish Prime Minister', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'President McKinley', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'The Spanish-American War: The Sinking of the Merrimac', 1898, (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'Bismarck at Seventy-Nine', c1895, (c1900). Creator: Unknown.
'Sir Wilfrid Laurier', c1900. Creator: Lafayette.
'The Agitation Against Ritualism: Mr. Kensit's Violent Protest in a West End Church', c1900. Creator: Arthur Herbert Buckland.
'Mr. Henniker Heaton', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Lady Martin (Helen Faucit)', c1880s?, (c1900). Creator: Unknown.
'Lewis Carroll', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Sir Edward Grey', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'St. John's, Newfoundland', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Lord Hugh Cecil', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'President Faure', c1890s, (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'The French Submarine Boat, The Gustave Zédé', c1900. Creator: Marguerite Jacob.
'"In Sight": Lord Dundonald's Dash on Ladysmith, February 28, 1900', by Lucy E. Kemp-Welch', c1900. Creator: Andre & Sleigh.
'Lord Pauncefote', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Meeting of Boers at Paardekraal Held Every Years in Celebration of the Regaining of..., c1900. Creator: Will B. Robinson.
'Cape Town and Table Mountain', c1900. Creator: Joseph Holland Tringham.