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'Edward VII', (c1911). Creator: W&D Downey.
Herr Joseph Joachim, 1885. Creators: W&D Downey, William Downey, Daniel Downey.
'The Late Earl of Derby', c1850, (c1880). Creator: W&D Downey.
'Their Majesties King George V and Queen Mary in their coronation robes', 1911, (1951). Creator: W&D Downey.
'King George V and Queen Mary at their first opening of Parliament', 6 February 1911, (1951). Creator: W&D Downey.
'Madame Tetrazzini', 1914. Creator: W&D Downey.
'Madame Sarah Bernhardt', 1914. Creator: W&D Downey.
'Mrs. Humphrey Ward', 1890, (1914). Creator: W&D Downey.
'Lord Leighton', c1890, (1896).  Artist: W&D Downey.
Frederic Leighton (1830-1896), 1st Baron Leighton, 1890. Artist: W&D Downey.
Albert, King of Belgium, First World War, 1914. Artist: W&D Downey.
'Miss Mabelle Gilman, the Bewitching Girl in the Casino - The Casino Girl at the Shaftesbury', 1 Artist: W&D Downey.
'Miss Lena Ashwell', 1900. Artist: W&D Downey.
King George V and Queen Mary, 1911. Artist: W&D Downey.
The Royal Family, c1935. Artist: W&D Downey.
'H.M. King George V', 1917. Artist: W&D Downey.
'Father Ignatius', c1891. Artist: W&D Downey.
'Madame Nordica', c1891. Artist: W&D Downey.
'The Hon. Sir Henry Hawkins', c1891. Artist: W&D Downey.
'Sir Charles Russell', c1891. Artist: W&D Downey.
'The Marchioness of Londonderry', c1891. Artist: W&D Downey.
'Lord Cranbrook', c1891. Artist: W&D Downey.
'Canon Fleming', c1891. Artist: W&D Downey.
'Mr. Michael Davitt', c1891. Artist: W&D Downey.
'Sir Christopher Teesdale', c1891. Artist: W&D Downey.
'Sir Charles Tupper', c1891. Artist: W&D Downey.
'Sir Henry Roscoe', c1891. Artist: W&D Downey.
'The Bishop of Ripon', c1891. Artist: W&D Downey.
The Prince of Wales as a bencher of the Middle Temple, 1884 (1910). Artist: W&D Downey.
The Prince of Wales in Highland costume, c1886 (1910). Artist: W&D Downey.
'Queen Alexandra and her second son, the future King George V, c1877 (1910). Artists: Sir Richard Holmes, W&D Downey.
A private portrait of King Edward VII, c1890 (1911). Artist: W&D Downey.
Queen Alexandra in the year of Her Silver Wedding, 1888 (1911). Artist: W&D Downey.
The Prince of Wales as a patron of the arts, 1896 (1911). Artist: W&D Downey.
'Two Roses'; Maude Millett and Annie Hughes, British actresses, 1888. Artist: W&D Downey
Harry Nicholls and Herbert Campbell, British actors (the Queen and the King), 1888.  Artist: W&D Downey
Miss Ada Rehan, Irish-born American actress, 1888. Artist: W&D Downey
Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895), English biologist, 1890.  Artist: W&D Downey
John Forbes-Robertson, British actor and theatre manager, 1901.Artist: W&D Downey
Sir John Hare, English actor and manager of the Garrick Theatre, 1901.Artist: W&D Downey
Franklin McLeay, Canadian actor, 1901.Artist: W&D Downey
Wilson Barrett, English actor, manager, and playwright, 1901.Artist: W&D Downey
Oscar WiIde, Irish writer, wit and playwright, c1890. Artist: Unknown
Thomas Hardy, English writer and poet, c1890. Artist: W&D Downey
George Du Maurier, British writer and artist, c1895. Creator: W&D Downey.
King Edward VII, early 20th century.Artist: W&D Downey
Garnet Joseph Wolseley, Viscount Wolseley, Irish-born British soldier, c1890. Artist: W&D Downey
Joseph Barnby, English composer and conductor, c1890.  Artist: W&D Downey
William Thomas Stead, English author and journalist, c1890. Artist: W&D Downey
Arthur Wing Pinero, English dramatist, c1890. Artist: W&D Downey
Arthur Wing Pinero, English dramatist, at home, 1903. Artist: W&D Downey
The Prince of Wales in naval uniform, c1910(?).Artist: W&D Downey
Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom, c1900s-c1910s (?). Creator: W&D Downey.
Russian and British royal families at Balmoral, Scotland, 29th September 1896 (1964). Artist: W&D Downey
Prince and Princess of Wales, 1909 (1937). Artist: W&D Downey
Mary Anderson (1859-1940), American stage actress, and Mrs Stirling, 1890.Artist: W&D Downey
Leading actresses of the 19th century, 1890.Artist: W&D Downey
Maude Millett, actress, 1890.Artist: W&D Downey
Anna Williams, singer, 1890.Artist: W&D Downey
The Duchess of Leinster, 1890.Artist: W&D Downey