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Harvesters, portraits of Ivan and Jeanne, 1900-1912. Creator: Thomas Brown.
'Richard Coeur De Lion Forgiving Bertrand De Gurdun', 1886. Artist: Thomas Brown.
'The Death of General Wolfe on the Heights of Abraham, Quebec, 13th September 1759', 1886. Artist: Thomas Brown.
'The Bombardment of Algiers by Lord Exmouth in 1816', (1878).  Artist: Thomas Brown.
'Mary Queen of Scots Compelled To Sign Her Abdication in Lochleven Castle, 1567', (1878). Artist: Thomas Brown.
The Emperor Maximilian and Albrecht Durer, early 16th century, (19th century). Artist: Thomas Brown
King Richard I (1157-1199), forgiving Bertrannd De Gurdun, late 19th century.Artist: Thomas Brown
Metamorphoses of the Peacock butterfly, 1888. Artist: Thomas Brown