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'Lake of Constanz', (c1872). Creator: Samuel Bradshaw.
'Eglisau', c1872. Creator: Samuel Bradshaw.
'St. Goarhausen', c1872. Creator: Samuel Bradshaw.
'Marriage Procession at the Blue-cloud Creek, Chin-keang-foo', c1843-1858. Creator: Samuel Bradshaw.
'The Arsenal from Pera', c1838. Artist: Samuel Bradshaw.
'Bristol (from Rownham Ferry)', 1859. Artist: Samuel Bradshaw.
The Britannia Tubular Bridge over the Menai Straits, Wales, 1886. Artist: S Bradshaw
St Petersburg, northwestern Russia, 1893. Artist: S Bradshaw
'Hebron', 1887. Artist: S Bradshaw
Rouen on the Seine, France, 1875. Artist: S Bradshaw
'St Petersburg', Russia, 19th century. Artist: S Bradshaw
St Andrews, Scotland, 1870. Artist: S Bradshaw
'Amphitheatre at Nismes', France, 19th century(?). Artist: S Bradshaw
The Monastery of Santa Saba (Mar Saba), Israel, 1841.Artist: S Bradshaw
The fountain of St Maclou, Rouen, France, 19th century.Artist: S Bradshaw