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Mocenigo Palace, Venice, 19th century.Artist: R Wallis
'Aqueduct of the Greek Emperors, near Pyrgo', Turkey, 1886.Artist: R Wallis
The bridge and Broomielaw Quay, Glasgow, Scotland, 1886. Artist: R Wallis
Walker's Pillar, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, 1860. Artist: R Wallis
'Ghat and Temple at Gokul', India, c1838.Artist: R Wallis
'The Lake of Lucerne', 19th century.Artist: R Wallis
Lytham, Lancashire, 19th century.Artist: R Wallis
Tell's Chapel, Lake Uri, Switzerland, 1836.Artist: R Wallis
The Abbey of Einsiedeln, Schwyz, Switzerland, 1836.Artist: R Wallis
Pont d'Espagne, Pryrenees, 19th century.Artist: R Wallis
The coastline at Hastings, East Sussex, 1840.Artist: R Wallis
'Church of St John and Castle Lahneck on the Rhine', 1838. Artist: R Wallis
West aspect of Newstead Abbey and upper lake, Nottinghamshire, 1828. Artist: R Wallis
The Hudson River as seen from West Point, USA, 1837.Artist: R Wallis
New York Bay as seen from the Telegraph Station, USA, 1838.Artist: R Wallis