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Taking the Oath and Drawing Rations, 1865. Creator: John Rogers.
The Council of War (Abraham Lincoln, Gideon Welles, Ulysses S. Grant), 1868. Creator: John Rogers.
A Matter of Opinion, 1884. Creator: John Rogers.
A Frolic at the Old Homestead, 1887. Creator: John Rogers.
The Wounded Scout. A Friend In The Swamp., 1864. Creator: John Rogers.
Taking the Oath and Drawing Rations, model 1865, cast 1866. Creator: John Rogers.
'The Death of Wat Tyler', 1859. Artist: John Rogers.
'Armed Lugger Close Hauled With All Sail Set', 1825. Artist: John Rogers.
'American Topsail Schooner', 1825. Artist: John Rogers.
'Robert Burns - Poet', 1840. Artist: John Rogers.
'The Genius of Poetry Finding Burns at the Plough', 1840. Artist: John Rogers.