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''Monarch of all he surveys" - A Donkey Driver at Durban', 1890. Creator: G Durand.
''A Canoeing Incident at the Seaside', 1891. Creator: G Durand.
''London out of Season: St Giles' at St James'',1891. Creator: G Durand.
''The Gales on the South Coast - Dragging the Lifeboat from Brighton to Portslade', 1891. Creator: G Durand.
'The Visit of the German Emperor - The Garden Party given at Marlborough House', 1891. Creator: G Durand.
''Lord Randolph Churchill in South Africa - Vryburg to Johannesberg by coach', 1891. Creator: G Durand.
''Railway Travelling - A Contrast', 1891. Creator: G Durand.
''The Catholic Emigration Mission - Service on board a ship bound for Montreal', 1890. Creator: G Durand.
''The Rebellion of Dinizulu, son of Cetewayo, in Zululand-The relief of N'Dwandwe(after Usibpu's def Creator: G Durand.
''The Dead Season--The Last Man in Town', 1888. Creator: G Durand.
'Burning the Pope in Effigy at Temple Bar', c19th century. Artist: G Durand.
'Review in Windsor Great Park of the troops from the Ashanti war', 1900. Artist: G Durand
Duke of Fife's game larder, 1881. Artist: G Durand
The queen visiting the wards of the London Hospital, late 19th century, (1900).Artist: G Durand
London Bridge (new), London, c1870. Artist: G Durand