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"The Traffic Still Quickens; Still The Vessels Grow Bigger" Liners In Tilbury Docks', 1937. Creator: Fox.
"Into the Arena Where Ships Made Their Unending Entrances and Exits" A Vessel Docking at...', 1937. Creator: Fox.
"Go Below the Bridges in One of the Port of London Authority's Launches and Visit Dockland...', 1937 Creator: Fox.
"There Are a Quarter of a Million Gallons of Port in the Port Vaults" - Wine Gauging Ground', 1937. Creator: Fox.
"There Are a Quarter of a Million Gallons of Port in the Port Vaults" - The Vaults at...', 1937. Creator: Fox.
"More New Quays (The Royal Albert Docks Will Obtain a Stretch Almost a Mile Long)"', 1937. Creator: Fox.
'All Things Requisite for a Neat Job of Cargo Lifting" Loading Cars for Export', 1937. Creator: Fox.
'A Royal Engine Driver', c1930. Creator: Fox.
Woman wearing a lace mantilla, Andalusia, Spain, 1936. Artist: Fox
Dancers on their way to Seville, Spain, 1936. Artist: Fox
Burmese dancers, 1936. Artist: Fox
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, 1897 (1937). Artist: Fox
Crowds wait in London to see if there will be war, 4th August 1914 (1937). Artist: Fox
King George V presenting the FA Cup, Wembley Stadium, London, c1923-1936 (1937).Artist: Fox
Flooding of London, January 1928 (1937). Artist: Fox
Scandinavian girl wearing candle headdress on St Lucy's Day, 1936.Artist: Fox
Cargo being unloaded at the docks, Upper Pool, London, 1936.Artist: Fox
Bessemer process for manufacturing steel, 1936. Artist: Fox
National costumes preserved in army uniform, 1936.Artist: Fox
Tossing the caber at the Highland games, Scotland, 1936. Artist: Fox
Weaving Irish linen, Lurgan, Armagh, 1936.Artist: Fox
Boy with a gun, Aden Protectorate, Arabia, 1936. Artist: Fox
Indian snake charmer with mongoose and cobra, 1936. Artist: Fox
Porters in Tibet, 1936. Artist: Fox
Afghan tribesman, 1936.Artist: Fox