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H.M. Screw Line-of-Battle Ship "Caesar", 90, at Portsmouth, 1854. Creator: Edward Duncan.
A Town on an Estuary at Low Tide, 1868. Creator: Edward Duncan.
'Velocipede, Winner of the St. Leger, 1828', c1828, (1929). Artists: Edward Duncan, J Webb.
'Whitby', 1841, (1935). Artist: Edward Duncan.
'A Summer Evening: Landing Cattle', 1858, (1935). Artist: Edward Duncan.
'Shrimpers', 19th century, (1935). Artist: Edward Duncan.
'Northern Whale Fishery', c1829. Artist: Edward Duncan.
'Black Joke engaging the Spanish Slave Brig El Almirante, 1 February 1829', 1830. Artist: Edward Duncan.
'H.M.S. Indefatigable Engaging The French Droits-De-L'Homme,1797', 1829. Artist: Edward Duncan.
'South Sea Whale Fishery', 1836. Artist: Edward Duncan.
London and Croydon Railway, New Cross, Deptford, London, 1838. Artist: Edward Duncan
London and Croydon Railway, New Cross, Deptford, London, 1839. Artist: Edward Duncan
Launch of the East India Company's ship, the 'Edinburgh' in 1825, (1827). Artist: Edward Duncan
'Billingsgate, First Day of Oysters, Early Morning', 1843. Artist: Edward Duncan
View of Beresford White House, Hackney Marsh, Hackney, London, 1830. Artist: Edward Duncan