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'The Queen, When Princess Victoria', (c1897). Creator: Unknown.
Lady Macbeth (Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act 1, Scene 5), first published 1800; reissued 1852. Creator: James Parker.
'The Sermon', 1813, (1947).  Creator: Unknown.
'Cardinal Wolsey Entering The Abbey of Leicester', 1530, (mid 19th century). Creator: Albert Henry Payne.
'A Fern-Cutter's Child', c1800, (1925). Artist: Robert Mitchell Meadows.
'Cymbeline. Act 2 Scene 2. A Bedchamber. Imogen in Bed. Jachimo', 1795.  Artist: James Stow.
'King Henry VIII. Act 3. Scene 2. Wolsey, Duke of Norfolk, Suffolk & c', 1796.  Artist: WC Wilson.
'King Richard III. Act 3. Scene 4. A Room in the Tower - Gloucester, Buckingham, Stanley, Hastings & Artist: Anker Smith.
A Ghost: L'Apparition, 1798, (1905). Artist: Jacques Bonnefoy
A Girl Gathering Mushrooms, 1800, (1917). Artist: Robert Mitchell Meadows
Spring, c1747-1815, (1919). Artist: Francesco Bartolozzi
Lord Byron, Anglo-Scottish poet, c1813, (1831). Artist: H Robinson
Capture of Toulouse, France, 10th April 1814 (1819). Artist: T Fielding
Capture of San Sebastian, Spain, 31st August 1813 (1819). Artist: T Fielding
Battle of Salamanca, Spain, 21st July 1812 (1819). Artist: T Fielding
Battle of Vitoria, Spain, 21st June 1813 (1819). Artist: T Fielding
Battle of Busaco, Portugal, 27th September 1810 (1819). Artist: T Fielding
Battle of Badajoz, Spain, 6th April 1812 (1819). Artist: T Fielding
Liberation of Madrid, 6th August 1812 (1819). Artist: T Fielding
Second Battle of Porto, Portugal, 12th May 1809 (1819). Artist: T Fielding
Battle of Talavera, Spain, 28th July 1809 (1819). Artist: T Fielding
Battle of Vimeiro, Portugal, 1st August 1808 (1819). Artist: T Fielding
Battle of the Pyrenees, Spain, 28th July 1813 (1819). Artist: T Fielding
'A Ghost', 1905.Artist: Henri-Arthur Bonnefoy
The 'San Nicolas' and 'San Josef', carried by boarding, Battle of Cape St Vincent, 1797.Artist: R Golding