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Napoleon Crossing the Alps, 1851. Creator: Alphonse François.
Napoleon I, (1936). Creator: Unknown.
'Strafford Going to Execution, 1641', 1881. Creator: Unknown.
'Chas. Edward (The Pretender) And Flora Macdonald', (mid 19th century).  Creator: J Rogers.
'Charles The First In The Guard Room', 1649, (mid 19th century).  Creator: J Rogers.
'Henri-Gratien, Count Bertrand', c1850, (1896). Artist: T Johnson.
'Napoleon in His Study', c1800, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Peter der Große 1672-1725', 1934. Creators: Unknown, Peter the Great.
'Charles I. in the Guard-Room', 1886. Artist: Herbert K Bourne.
The Young Princes in the Tower, 1831 (1910). Creator: Unknown.
Queen Henrietta, sheltering by a bank from the Parliamentarians, c19th century. Creator: J Rogers.
Cardinal Beaufort, 1860. Artist: J White
Queen Henrietta (1609-1669) sheltered by a bank from the parliamentarians, 19th century. Creator: J Rogers.
Cromwell viewing the dead body of Charles I, 1649, (19th century). Creators: J Rogers, Unknown.
Lord Strafford, 18th century, (1860). Creator: W Ridgway.
'Death of Queen Elizabeth', 1892. Artist: Unknown
'Cromwell Gazing at the Body of Charles I', after 1850. Artist: Unknown