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Beauties of England and Wales - "A Reaper", Worcestershire - by J. Absolon - exhibited in the New Wa Creator: Unknown.
Beauties of England and Wales - "The Squire's Daughter", Staffordshire - by J. Absolon - exhibited i Creator: Unknown.
"Evangeline" - painted by John Absolon - from the Exhibition of the New Society of Scottish..., 1854 Creator: Unknown.
"John Brown: or, A Plain Man's Philosophy" - drawn by J. Absolon, 1854. Creator: Unknown.
Allegorical Picture, by Absolon and Fenton, painted for the Inauguration Dinner...Nov. 9, 1854. Creator: A. J. Mason.
"Joan of Arc" - painted by John Absolon, 1850.  Creator: Walter George Mason.