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The Congress of Vienna: Sitting of the Plenipotentiaries of the Eight Powers who Signed the Treaty o Creator: Unknown.
The Empress Joséphine, c1804, (1903). Creators: Unknown, Georges Petit.
'Napoleon I', (1933). Creator: Unknown.
'Josephine Beauharnais', (1933). Creator: Unknown.
'Michel Ney', (1933). Creator: Unknown.
'Ludwig XVIII', (1933).  Creator: Unknown.
'Klemens Lothar Wenzel Fürst von Metternich', (1933) Creator: Unknown.
'Katharina Fürstin Bagration-Skawronska', (1933). Creator: Unknown.
'Ludwig Philipp - König von Frankreich (1773-1850)', 1933. Creator: Unknown.
'Marie-Josèphe-Rose Tascher De La Pagerie, Called Josephine, Empress of the French', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
Joachim-Napoleon Murat (1767-1815), Marshal of France and King of Naples, 1912. Artist: Unknown
J Isabey's exhibition rooms on Pall Mall, Westminster, London, 1820.                                 Artist: William James Bennett
Maria Louisa, Archduchess of Austria, 1813.Artist: Henri Meyer
Empress Marie-Louise, second wife of Napoleon, 1831.Artist: Dean