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"The Bravos" - painted by Meissonier, 1856.  Creator: Joseph Lionel Williams.
'Napoeon III. at Solferino', after J.L.E. Meissonier', c1880-83. Creator: Auguste Boulard.
'The Brothers Van De Velde', after J.L.E. Meissonier', c1880-83. Creator: A Gerard Darbiche.
'The Man-At-Arms', after J.L.E. Meissonier', 1857, c1880-83. Creator: C.H Toussaint.
The Print Enthusiast, after a drawing by Meissonier, 1877. Creator: Jules-Ferdinand Jacquemart.
Halbardier, 1895. Creator: Alfred Boilot.
Napoleon's retreat to the Berezina, 1812, (1936). Creator: Unknown.
Charge of the French Cuirassiers, (late 19th century). Creator: Unknown.
'Moreau and His Chief of Staff, Major Dessoles', 1800, (1876), (1896). Artist: Unknown.
1807 - Friedland', (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Marshal Michel Ney - Duke of Elchingen, Prince of the Moskowa', c1800, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Napoleon and His Staff', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'Staff-Officer Reconnoitering', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'1814 - Campaign of France', (1896) Artist: Unknown.
Charlemagne, king of the Franks, 1875. Artist: DJ Pound
'Napoleon III at Solferino', c1880-1882.Artist: Auguste Boulard
'The Brothers Van de Velde', c1880-1882.Artist: A Gerard Darbiche
'The Man at Arms', c1880-1882.Artist: Henri Toussaint
A musketeer, c1600-c1650 (1908-1909). Artist: Unknown
'Napoleon III at the Battle of Solferino', 1859, (1893).Artist: John L Stoddard