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Coronation of Queen Victoria, 1842. Creator: Henry Thomas Ryall.
Prize Plate - Goodwood Races  - the Chesterfield Cup, 1850. Creator: Unknown.
Our Saviour after the Temptation - painted by Sir George Hayter, M. A. S. L., 1850. Creator: Unknown.
Marriage of Queen Victoria, February 10, 1840, 1844. Creator: Charles Eden Wagstaff.
Francis Jeffrey, Lord Jeffrey, Scottish judge and literary critic, (1870).Artist: G Stoddart
Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, c1838. Artist: J Cochran
Queen Victoria (1819-1901), 1838. Artist: Unknown
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's marriage in St James's Palace, London, 1840. Artist: Anon
Christening of Edward VII, 1842. Artist: Anon
Coronation of Queen Victoria at Westminster Abbey, London, 28 June 1838, (1900). Artist: Unknown
The Marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, 1840, (1900). Artist: Unknown
'The Glow Worm'; a watchman with his lantern in Lansdown Passage, Westminster, London, c1820. Artist: George Hayter