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Landscape with Psyche's father sacrificing at the Temple of Apollo in Miletos. Creator: Nicolas-Didier Boguet.
View of a harbour with ships and boats on the water, 1752. Creator: Thomas Major.
Italianate River Landscape with Bridge with Tower, n.d. Creator: Unknown.
Landscape No. 162 from "Liber Veritatis". Creator: Richard Earlom.
Landscape No. 15 from "Liber Veritatis", 1774. Creator: Richard Earlom.
Landscape with Walled Town, n.d. Creator: Unknown.
Seascape, n.d. Creator: Unknown.
Rest on the Flight into Egypt, n.d. Creator: Richard Wilson.
Port de mer au soleil levant, d'après Le Lorrain. Creator: Anon.
Pastoral. Dancers in a landscape, between 1635 and 1652. Creator: Jan Dirksz Both.
Seascape, after Claude Lorrain's "Liber Veritatis", 1815. Creator: Ludovico Caracciolo.
Bellerophon Vanquishing the Chimera, 1668. Creator: Dominique Barriere.
Landscape with Shepherd and Shepherdess, 1776. Creator: Richard Earlom.
Christ Summoning Peter and Andrew, 1776. Creator: Richard Earlom.
Landscape with Cupid and Psyche, 1776. Creator: Richard Earlom.
Rape of Europa, 1776. Creator: Richard Earlom.
Landscape with Figures, 1774. Creator: Richard Earlom.
Seaport with Sailors Loading Merchandise, 1774. Creator: Richard Earlom.
Landscape after Claude, ca. 1811. Creator: Johann Baptist Stuntz.
Ruines d'Aqueduc. Creator: Jean Morin.
Landscape with Mercury, 1668. Creator: Dominique Barriere.