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''Uncle Toby and the Widow Wadman'; after C.R.Leslie, R.A. C.1830', 1890. Creator: Unknown.
Gipseying Party, ca. 1830. Creator: Asher Brown Durand.
Children playing at Horses, from "Illustrated London News", November 29, 1862. Creator: William Luson Thomas.
Falstaff and His Friends, "The Merry Wives of Windsor" (from "The Art Journal"), May 1868. Creator: William Greatbach.
'Falstaff and his Friends (The Merry Wives of Windsor)', c1870. Artist: W Greatbatch.
'Autolycus (The Winter's Tale)', c1870. Artist: Unknown.
'Queen Katherine (King Henry VIII)', c1870. Artist: Charles W Sharpe.
Elizabeth Fry, taken from a series of cigarette cards, 1935. Artist: Unknown
'Falstaff', 1891. Artist: Unknown
'Petruchio', 1891. Artist: Unknown
'Lady Jane Grey's Reluctance to Accept the Crown', (19th century). Artist: Herbert Bourne
Elizabeth Fry, 1844. Artist: J Cochran
'Florizel and Perdita', 1891. Artist: Unknown
'Katharine', 1891. Artist: Unknown
Queen Victoria receiving the Sacrament at her Coronation, 28 June 1838, (1900). Artist: Unknown
The christening of the Princess Royal, 1841, (1900). Artist: Unknown
Queen Victoria's Coronation, 1838. Artist: Samuel Cousins