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Despair, 1830-58. Creator: Zéphirin Félix Jean Marius Belliard.
Georges Mouton, comte de Lobau, 1804, (1839). Creator: Ruhiere.
'Charles-Maurice-Élie, Duke of Talleyrand-Perigord, Prince of Benevento', 1828, (1896).  Artist: R. G. Tietze.
'Calvin 1509-1564. - Gemälde von Scheffer', 1934. Creator: Unknown.
Charles Dickens, taken from a series of cigarette cards, 1935. Artist: Unknown
Dominique Francois Jean Arago (1786-1853), French astronomer, physicist and politician. Artist: Unknown
Battle of Tolbiacum, 496 AD, (1875). Artist: DJ Pound
The Battle of Ravenna, 11 April 1512, (1875). Artist: W Hulland