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[Reproduction of Napoleon on the Battlefield of Eylau by Antoine-Jean Gros], 1850s. Creator: Unknown.
Napoleon decorating David at the Salon du Louvre, Paris, 1808, (1921).  Creator: Unknown.
André Massena, 1804, (1839). Creator: Legris.
Claude Victor Perrin, 1804, (1839). Creator: Migneret.
Géraud Duroc, Duke of Friuli, (1838). Creator: Charles Gavard.
'Bonaparte at Arcole', 1797, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Marshal André Masséna - Duke of Rivoli, Prince of Essling', c1796-1817, (1896). Artist: R. G. Tietze.
'Marshal Louis-Alexandre Berthier - Prince of Neufchatel and of Wagram', 1796, (1896). Artist: H Davidson.
'Mme. Lucien Bonaparte', 1800, (1896).  Artist: R. G. Tietze.
'Marshal Claude-Victor Perrin, Duke of Belluno', 1808, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Napoleon Decorating the Artists', c1808, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Meeting of Napoleon and Francis I after Austerlitz', 1805, (1896). Artist: M Haider.
'Jérôme Bonaparte - King of Westphalia', c1808, (1896). Artist: M Haider.
'Le General Berthier', late 18th century, (1913). Artist: Pierre Michel Alix.
'Albrecht Dürer 1471-1528. - Gemälde von Gros', 1934. Creator: Unknown.
'Jerome Bonaparte 1784-1860. - Gemälde von Gros', 1934. Creator: Unknown.
Moscow on fire, 15th September 1812 (1882-1884).Artist: A Etienne
'Charles I and Charles Quint in the Basilica of Saint Denis', Paris, 1893. Artist: Unknown