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Girl in Checkered Dress, between circa 1920 and circa 1924. Creator: George Benjamin Luks.
A Parkland View at Dusk, ca. 1879. Creator: William Leighton Leitch.
Ponte Santa Trinità, Florence, before 1832. Creator: James Duffield Harding.
Neapolitan Woman (recto); Study for an Interior (verso), late 18th-19th century. Creator: Karl Wilhelm Freiherr von Heideck.
Wooden House near the Water (perhaps an early idea for Cliffs, Manchester, Mass..., ca. 1879. Creator: Arthur Little.
Landscape with a Fantastic Castle, 1865. Creator: George Sand.
U. S. Custom House, New York (perspective), 1834. Creators: Ithiel Town, Alexander Jackson Davis.
Marie à Bellevue, 1858. Creator: Louis-Joseph Gallait (Belgian, 1810-1887).
Militaires sous un arbre (Soldiers under a Tree). Creator: Isidore Pils (French, 1813/15-1875).
Interior of an Inn, 1800s. Creator: Anonymous.
Girl on a Donkey. Creator: Isidore Pils (French, 1813/15-1875).
Bray Church Yard, 1807. Creator: John Varley (British, 1778-1842).