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Offerings to Mahakala, early 18th century. Creator: Anon.
Buddha Shakyamuni and the Eighteen Arhats, 18th century. Creator: Anon.
Shri (Palden Lhamo), between c1750 and c1850. Creator: Anon.
Yama and Yami (image 1 of 21), between c1675 and c1725. Creator: Anon.
Milarepa (1040-1123), 19th century. Creator: Anon.
Portrait of Two Taklung Lamas, 13th century. Creator: Anon.
Sarvavid Vairochana, From a Set of the Five Jina Buddhas..., c.late 13th - early 14th cent. Creator: Anon.
The Story of King Mandhatar; The Story of King Candraprabha; The Tale of the Island..., 18th century Creator: Anon.
Arhat Chudapanthaka (?) with Attendants, c14th century. Creator: Anon.
Kunga Tashi and Incidents from His Life (Abbot of Sakya Monastery, 1688-1711) (image 1 of 8), c1700. Creator: Anon.
Karma Amitayus, From a Mandala of the Ninefold Amitayus, between c1170 and c1189. Creator: Anon.
The Goddess Sarasvati, 18th century. Creator: Anon.
Kunga Wangcuk (1424-1478) and Sonam Senge (1429-1489), The Fourth and..., between 1475 and 1500. Creator: Anon.
The Fifth Karmapa, Dezhin Shegpa (1384-1415), c18th century. Creator: Anon.
Padma Dorje (1128-88) as a Mahasiddha (Great Adept) and Lamas, mid 18th century. Creator: Anon.
Cosmic Man with Diagrams of Newar Yogic Six Chakra Transformation, c19th century. Creator: Anon.
Previous Birth Stories of the Buddha, 17th century. Creator: Anon.
Shakyamuni with the Thirty-Five Buddhas of the Confession of Sins and the Eighteen Arhats, 15th cent Creator: Anon.
An Abbot and His Lineage, 14th century or earlier. Creator: Anon.