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Henry IV (1553-1610), King of France, mid-late 18th century. Creators: Peter Adolf Hall, Unknown.
Juliana Maria of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (1729-1796), c18th century. Creator: Andreas Thornborg.
Charles XII. Creator: Elias Brenner.
Maria Aurora von Königsmarck (1662-1728), countess, draftsman, late 17th-early 18th century. Creator: Elias Brenner.
Charles XI (unfinished). Creator: Elias Brenner.
Johanne Marie Stolpe, m. Ehrenreich, Clergyman´s wife, 1833. Creator: Frederik Christian Camradt.
Gustav IV Adolf. Creator: Johan Erik Bolinder.
Gustav Küsel (1772-1848), late 18th-mid-19th century. Creator: Giovanni Domenico Bossi.
Johan Magnus af Nordin (1746-1823), governor, baron, late 18th-early 19th century. Creator: Nicolas Lavreince.
Christina, Queen of Sweden, 17th century. Creator: Pierre Signac.
Woman with infant at her breast, c18th century. Creator: Unknown.
Leopold (1684-1704), Prince of Hesse-Kassel, c17th century. Creator: Unknown.
Maria Amalia (1653-1711), Princess of Courland, c17th century. Creator: David Le Clerc.
Ossia and the Son of Alphin Listening to the Spirit of Malvin, 19th century. Creator: Carl Ludwig Von Plötz.
Unknown officer, 1800. Creator: Anton Ulrik Berndes.
Princess Sophie Hedvig of Danmark (1677-1753), c1710s. Creator: Georg Saleman.
Ulrica Scharp (1743-1839), born Liedman, 1798. Creator: Giovanni Domenico Bossi.
Ulrika Magdalena Levin, 1771-1828, married 1. Björkman, 2. Skjöldebrand, Baroness, 1811. Creator: Giovanni Domenico Bossi.